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As a leading ecological consultancy and contractor, Ecosulis restores habitats and enhances biodiversity at sites across the United Kingdom. Underpinned by our investment in cutting edge research, innovation and technology, we work on landscape-scale projects that support wild nature, add value for our clients and benefit wider society.

Press releases

UK research shows Arctic rewilding could significantly mitigate climate...

UK expertise, global impact Research by three University of Oxford scientists (and one Russian scientist) has shown that Arctic rewilding... read more

12.02.2020 • By Ecosulis

Ecosulis co-releases a call to action for a wilder Europe

Rewilding offers solutions to our current climate and nature emergencies. Today 15 leading European rewilding organisations are calling for a... read more

12.12.2019 • By Ecosulis

Pioneering new study identifies why some birds are better known than others

L andmark analysis shows how culturomics-based tools could boost conservation outcomes. A pioneering new study, carried out by a team of... read more

07.11.2019 • By Ecosulis